Buy gold bars 999.9 fineness

Produced by world renowned gold refineries   Excellent designs and packaging   Convenient weights in Grams  Ounces  and  Tolas

Buy gold bars 999.9 fineness

Buy physical gold bars of 999.9 fineness from Auric Gold. 

Produced by world renowned gold refineries, the gold bars are of sizes and values which are especially convenient for private individuals to buy and invest in, physically move and pass on to others.

The variety of gold bar sizes and values makes it convenient for customers to buy gold bars with any amounts of capital funds they choose to allocate. The weights of these gold bars are denominated in grams, ounces troy and tolas. 

Metric weights range from 1g to 100 grams although larger weights of 250g, 500g and 1 kilo can be available on request.

Ounces troy weights are in ½ ounce and 1 ounce. A troy ounce is 31.1035 grams.

This variety of investment gold bars allows investors to buy, store and sell gold bars in weights that are convenient to buy, handle, move and store them and take immediate physical delivery. 

Most of the gold bars sold by Auric Gold are manufactured by gold refineries as “minted” bars. 

“Minted” bars means that they are of a very high polished finishing and secured packed in a tamper-proof packaging with the purity, weight and refiner’s logo stamped on the individual bars.

Some of the gold bars sold by Auric Gold are “cast” bars which is where molten gold is poured into a mould and resultant cast bar is stamped with the weight, purity and serial number. Cast bars may sometimes not come with a certificate as the relevant details are already stamped on the gold bar itself. Larger size bars weighing 100 grams and above, for example 250 grams, 500 grams, 1 kilo and 5 ounces weights are produced usually as cast bars.

The most famous cast bar is the traditional London Good Delivery (LGD) bar which has a pure gold content of a minimum 350 ounces troy and a maximum 430 ounces troy.

A manufacturing cost (frequently termed as "premiums") is incurred by a gold refinery in melting, refining and processing gold upto 999.9 fineness. Further costs are incurred for minting, packaging, vaulting and shipping it to various destinations world-wide. Wholesalers and retailers of gold bars then add their own profit components to their costs and overheads to sell to their customers.

The gold bars of the smallest weight denominations and always minted and incurs a higher cost of manufacture whereas the larger gold bars which are cast, incur a lower cost of manufacture. So a 100 gram cast gold bar would be slightly cheaper than a 100 gram minted gold bar.

London has a rich and unrivalled heritage in trading gold bullion and providing secure and insured storage and logistics in physical gold bullion. London services the needs of most major overseas gold trading centres. 

Auric Gold accesses London’s unique heritage in gold and provides an efficient and competitive service in trading gold bars, storage and shipments locally in UK as well as approved overseas destinations.

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